AGENDA – Empowering Women for Gender Eqity

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Founded in 1987, Agenda began as a journal, which sought to provide a political outlet and focus for gender and feminist activism in the politically-fraught apartheid South Africa of the time. In the words of a founding member: “We – those of us who founded Agenda – had a dream – to bring gender/women’s liberation into the big debates of the day and into the centre of the movements for liberation and transformation”. Over the years, Agenda has maintained this perspective, but evolved to operate four programmes and an interactive website as follows:

Journal: At the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for almost 20 years, Agenda’s journal creates an important space for women to publish their work. The journal questions, debates and critiques understandings of gender. Four themed issues are published each year, with 4,000 journals read by 60,000 people each year.

Radio Programme: Agenda’s radio programme began ‘Turning Up the Volume on Gender Equity’ in 2002.  Agenda now cooperates with 37 community stations and Ukhozi FM, South Africa’s largest public broadcaster. Agenda produces weekly dispatches on gender news, which are translated into Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho. These dispatches seek to provide women and communities with information that can transform paper rights into meaningful concrete actions. Current listenership totals approximately 11 million.

Internships: In its ninth year, the Internship Programme permits three aspiring female journalists to join Agenda each year, allowing them to develop hands-on experience in the media industry. To date, 19 young journalists have been through the programme.

Writing  Programme: Agenda’s Writing Programme pairs at least 12 writers with mentors each year, with the aim of facilitating the development of strong analytical writing skills. Writers and mentors are given the opportunity to develop practical skills and lifelong relationships that should assist them to publish their work. Agenda utilises its associated media programmes to assist writers in publishing their work.

Interactive Website: Redesigned in 2005, Agenda’s award-winning website provides readers with information and access to online journals; access to weekly gender-related news bulletins; and an online forum for the exchange of views. The site has received special mention at the World Summit Awards in the e-inclusion category, coming 6th out of 760 submissions to the World Summit Awards.

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