nabuur – the global neighbour network

On the website you will find people around the world who share your interests, goals and ideas. You’ll find:

  • Virtual ‘Villages’ where communities in developing countries present their issues and ask for assistance of online volunteers (‘Neighbours’);
  • Online discussions in the Villages between representatives of the communities and their Neighbours on how to solve local issues;
  • Thousands of committed individuals who work as online volunteers (Neighbours) to find solutions for problems of communities in developing countries;
  • Individuals.

On NABUUR.COM you can help a community in a developing country:

  • Here and now;
  • Together with other online volunteers (Neighbours);
  • By sharing your skills, knowledge and contacts;
  • In direct contact with the local community, so you will see the results of your actions with your own eyes;
  • In the online discussions on NABUUR.COM the representative of the local community and his/her Neighbours work together to find solutions for the community’s problems.

how it works.

See the NABUUR.COM Guidelines for NABUUR.COM’s guiding principles.

what you can do.

register and join now.

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