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DEVELOPMENT WATCH is an Alliance for Monitoring International Cooperation and has been launched by GLOBAL COOPERATION COUNCIL and IPS EUROPE as an independent watchdog to monitor reliable and critical information on international development cooperation. You will agree with me that tax payers in the OECD countries have the right to know what is happening with their hard-earned money. Also peoples in the countries of the South receiving funds must be enabled and empowered to know what their governments are doing with the money they get for them from the North. This objective can be achieved if individuals, institutions and organizations around the world – in North and South – help us and provide DEVELOPMENT WATCH reliable and critical information.

(To be distinguished from: Development Watch Australia.)

I invite you to register yourself as our partner and ally. Please download the file named registration and E-Mail it to this address as attachment.

Partnership does not involve any financial obligations. After receiving your registration, we will send you an E-Mail requesting confirmation that it is really you or your institute that has registered. Once we have your confirmation, we will be happy to enlist you as our partner.

As partner we would ask you to E-Mail us a link to any news and analyses related to the following:

  • Diverse aspects of international development cooperation in a globalizing world – its contribution to global human security;
  • Whether the international community is fulfilling its commitments;
  • On expectations raised by the UN Millennium Development Goals and promises that remain unfulfilled;
  • You are also most welcome to E-Mail us such information for publishing on this website sourcing it to yourself or to your organization. We would prefer information in English. But if you send it in French, German of Spanish, please provide summary in English. (Ramesh Jaura).


GLOBAL COOPERATION COUNCIL (Nord-Süd-Forum) e.V. – GCC Forum – advocates dialogue for international understanding and interaction for change in the interest of a genuine worldwide cooperation. It was founded under the name “Nord-Süd-Forum” on February 25, 1983. The new name was given early 1997, taking into account the political and economic transformation, under way since the end of the Cold War. It is also impacting the social and cultural lives of peoples around the globe.

IPS – INTER PRESS SERVICE EUROPE (IPS EUROPE) is a registered public benefit organization, founded by IPS Inter Press Service International Association, an independent non-governmental organization that enjoys consultancy status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). IPS EUROPE facilitates worldwide co-operation for the benefit of international understanding.



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