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Who are you? We are a few Christians from a Muslim background, who love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to deliver the message of the Gospel to our Muslims brothers and sisters … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Do you receive money to publish this site?

  • No, we do not. We do all of this voluntarily as a loving gift to our Savior.
  • Sometimes there are some visitors of our web site who give to cover some of our financial costs, but not all.

Why do you have multiple sites and not one united site?  

  • We have had an online ministry established for a few years now, and our original sites are still on free hosting sites like www.geocities.com (Sorry, GeoCities has closed).
  • We thought it would be easier to locate us on our own site, and we hope more MBB’s (Muslim Background Believers) will join us soon. We will host individual MBB’s sites for free, with some restrictions.

Are any of you Arabs?

  • Yes, at least two of us are Arab ex-Muslims; one of us is the webmaster of this site.

I heard one of you is from Iraq. How does he feel about the current war?

  • Yes, Khaled is from Iraq. He is leaving his country and his people in the hands of the Lord. He trusts that the Lord will not forsake them and will keep them from harm.
  • You could join in our prayer for Iraq here.

What do you discuss on your forum?

  • We hope that it will be a dialogue forum between Christians and Muslims. Also, we plan to have a specific forum for Christians who desire to serve the Lord by reaching Muslims.

I have a Muslim friend. Would you help me with him/her?

  • We get this question daily.
  • Unfortunately, we do have our own ministries, jobs, and families. We cannot be involved directly in mentoring Christians individually, either online or through other means.
  • What you can do is: join a study group, read and research about ministry to Muslims, and pray for them. The least you could do is to join our Ministry to Muslims forum, where we might try to answer your questions, or maybe other members of the forum could help you.

Read what others say about us – The Washington Times, 13 October 2002:

  • In the West, seekers who’ve never heard a serious debate on Islam can click on Exmuslim.com, Islamreview.com and Arabicbible.com. Then there’s Paltalk.com, a chat site featuring discussions in various languages on a wide range of topics. Some former Muslims enter these chat rooms with the intent to convert Arabic speakers to Christianity …

(Last Update: 05/01/2009).

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