About this site: This site is about Islam, not Muslims. It is to demonstrate that the fundamental teachings of Islam are incompatible with the Christian faith, and the American way of life. We realize, however, that there are Muslims who may have different interpretations, and thus do not follow these teachings to the letter. Nothing in this site is written with the intention of offending anyone. Our objective is only to present the truth with love and humility … (at left above on the Homepage).

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Books by Abdullah Al-Araby; (same) Ibn Arabi (Arabic: ابن عربي‎) (July 28, 1165 – November 10, 1240) on wikipedia: was an Andalusian Arab Sufi mystic  and philosopher. His full name was Abū ‘Abdullāh Muḥammad ibn ‘Alī ibn Muḥammad ibn al-`Arabī al-Hāṭimī al-Ṭā’ī (أبو عبد الله محمد بن علي بن محمد بن العربي الحاتمي الطائي);
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About us: – The Pen vs. the Sword – Who are we? What do we stand for? Background: Long before this ministry was incorporated, we were individually involved in the same kind of activity but with somewhat different focus. At first we were concentrating more on the task of defending the human rights of Christians living under Islamic regimes in the Middle East. It was logical, to our minds, that since we were once living under these same circumstances, that we would have feelings of compassion towards our brethren who were still there.

These feelings have not changed, and these efforts have not stopped. However, we recently, came to the realization that we could not separate the teachings of Islam from the plight of those people. Muslims are not inherently violent; it is their interpretation of some of Islam’s teachings, that make some of them act that way.

Accordingly, we decided to expand our ministry to expose these teachings, especially after we learned that Muslim activists were working fervently to convert America to Islam. Our concern was that, while we were defending our people in the Middle East, we did not want our children or grandchildren in America to face the same problems we did in our mother countries, if Islam were to take over America.

Our Theology

  • This ministry was established as a Christian organization. Our beliefs, methods and activities are based on and influenced by Christian ethics. Our members are Christians who belong to different Christian denominations. We do not interfere in each persons beliefs and practices. However, we all share the belief in a basic set of doctrines recognized and accepted by most mainstream Christian churches. These beliefs are incorporated in what is known as “the Nicene Creed.”

Our Support

  • This ministry is 100% based on volunteerism. Nobody gets a salary, and we don’t have a payroll. All revenues go to the actual cost of producing and mailing the materials. We engage in the most effective methods of ministry that require the least amount of money. Part of our ministry is to financially assist Christians living under Islam who suffer hardships, as our budget allows.
  • Our financial support comes mainly from our own group, and from others who share the same convictions. Our method of fund raising is to simply to declare the need, and let God do the convincing. We believe, if it is in God’s will that a certain project be accomplished, He will provide for it. We don’t believe in bombarding our supporters with financial requests, or applying any pressure on them to give. We encourage people to give out of a cheerful heart, from the abundance of God’s blessings and only if they believe in the message of this ministry. We don’t compete with the local churches in this matter, we ask our supporters to put their churches first.

Our Mission

  • Muslim activists, in their attempt to spread their religion in the West, have been deliberately hiding a certain side of their religion. They carefully avoid, obscure and omit any negative teachings of Islam in order to lure converts. Our mission is to expose these teachings that are withheld from seekers in order to help people gain a more realistic insight of what it is like to live under Islam.

Our Method

  • Our name, “The Pen vs. The Sword,” well summarizes our philosophy. We believe that “the Pen is mightier than the Sword,” and love is stronger than hatred. Our weapon is the pen, our ammunition is the word. The Bible says: “the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” Hebrews 4:12.
  • We try to make our message simple, direct and clear. We take the daring approach of proclaiming the truth in its entirety, even if it hurts. In doing so we may lose some friends or make few enemies. Of course, we don’t derive any satisfaction from being disliked, we would rather be liked by everybody. The Bible says, “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18. However, we recognize that it is not possible to please everybody, at all times, and still be true to our calling. Jesus warns, “Woe to you when all men shall speak well of you,….” Luke 6:26

Perhaps what provides the balance is the fact that we do nothing out of spite or pride. Rather it is, with love and humility, that we sincerely seek the truth.

If you share these same convictions, we ask that you join us in this endeavor. Your contribution, in any form, big or small, is needed, and very much appreciated.

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