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ALTSEAN on Burma is a network of activists, NGOs, academics and politicians who support human rights, democracy and peace in Burma.ALTSEAN-Burma initiates and implements a range of activities to support human rights, democracy and peace in Burma, and ultimately, in the rest of Southeast Asia. Its activities are mainly oriented to campaign work, advocacy, networking and resource production.
Country Focus: BURMA. (See International Rule of Law Directory).


Website: ARENA online.


The Alternative Asean Network on Burma (ALTSEAN-BURMA) is a network of activists, nongovernmental organization, academics, and politicians who support human rights, democracy, and peace in Burma. All of the members are from Southeast Asia. (See

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Last News: Asean aims to be drug-free by 2015 -
Published on, Nov. 27, 2006 (TNA) – Representatives of Asean member countries and local, regional and international NGOs are meeting now in Bangkok to seek concrete solutions to the drug problem in the region, with a goal of making Asean a drug-free region in 2015. Thai Social Development and Human Security Minister Paibool Watanasiritham on Monday presided over the 16th International Federation of Non-Government Organisations (IFNGO) Asean NGOs Workshop “Youth and Family Networking for an Asean Drug-Free 2015″ slated to last until Wednesday.

About 400 participants from all 10 Asean countries plus another seven nations exchanged their ideas and learned about new technology in drug use prevention and reduction. Youth and family anti-drug networks will be expanded so that Asean will be recreated as a drug free zone within the next nine years and its young people will be good examples for others in their own society. Dato Haji Mustapha Ma, Honorary Secretary General of the International Federation of Non-Government Organisations for the Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse (IFNGO), said that targeting the end of drug use by 2015 will urge all parties to realise that the drug problem is an urgent issue and that Southeast Asia is the only region to announce creating a common front to create a drug free zone.

Pittaya Jinawat, deputy secretary-general of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) said that Thailand has a master plan to solve the narcotics problems, including interventions in the production, trade, and distribution of the substances. For example, Thailand is set to be free of opium in 2008. To date, Thailand’s opium plantation areas–once quite substantial–have been reduced to 700 rai or 280 acres. The drug problem has reduced to less than 20 per cent, according to Mr. Pittaya. However, he said if there is no serious prevention, the problem can become worse, especially in Bangkok and surrounding areas. (See Bangkokpost).

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