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  • We’re aiming to provide the very best in contemporary fiction, cartoons, poems and non-fiction features for you every issue. We want to be a place where new and emerging writers can find a platform and so we want to see your work.
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Contact., December 7, 2007: A freesheet “newspaper” featuring short stories, poems and cartoons, but no news, has been launched in London. 

About 100,000 copies of the monthly freesheet, Notes from the Underground, are being circulated by its vendors across Tube stations in central London. The paper aims to “provide a platform for emerging writers” and has invited the public to contribute to it. It is published by a company called Notes from the Underground Limited and is due to appear twice a month.
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  • The paper’s editors, Tristan Summerscale, 22, and Chris Vernon, 23, came up with the idea of the “alternative freesheet” to promote creative writing.
  • Established names such as Peter James and William Boyd have so far written for the publication.
  • Distributors have been instructed not to leave behind any copies on the stations or the road – any unread copies will be recycled.
  • Notes from the Underground is also available online and copies will be available at libraries and bookstores across the city.
  • Mr Summerscale said they hoped to bring out the paper twice a month from March.

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