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  • Founded in 1964, the American Water Resources Association is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the advancement of men and women in water resources management, research, and education. AWRA’s membership is multidisciplinary; its diversity is its hallmark. It is the professional home of a wide variety of water resources experts including engineers, educators, foresters, biologists, ecologists, geographers, managers, regulators, hydrologists and attorneys.
  • Mission: To advance multidisciplinary water resources education, management and research … (about 1/2 /Mission … ).

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Address: American Water Resources Association, PO Box 1626, Middleburg, VA 20118

About 2/2: … /Promise: AWRA promises a balanced, professional approach to solving water resources challenges in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 


  • The advancement of water resources research, planning, development, management and education.
  • The establishment of a common meeting ground for physical, biological, and social scientists, engineers, and other persons concerned with water resources.
  • The collection, organization, and dissemination of ideas and information in the field of water resources science and technology.


President’s Message (February 17, 2010):

At its January 22, 2010, meeting, the AWRA Board of Directors (BOD) voted unanimously to donate $1,000 to Mercy Corps’ Haitian earthquake relief effort. Board members have made additional donations. Mercy Corps had a presence in Haiti prior to the earthquake and is now, with experienced on-the-ground first responders, focusing on immediate humanitarian needs: securing clean water, proper sanitation, and trauma support. More information about Mercy Corps is available at

AWRA Position Statements Adopted:

Also at the January BOD meeting, two position statements for AWRA, developed by the membership through the Policy Committee, were reviewed and approved. The recommendations in these statements are to manage water resources in a hydrologic context and to ensure sustainable funding for water resources infrastructure. Specifically the statements are: (1) The AWRA recommends that water resources management goals, policies and rules be organized around the concept of “place” (i.e., basins, watersheds, or aquifer systems). Policymakers should encourage policies and collaborations that promote hydrologic system-based planning and management; and (2) The AWRA recommends that policy makers at national, tribal, state, and local levels develop sustainable investment strategies for the construction and maintenance of water and wastewater resources infrastructure to protect public health, quality of life, communities, economies, and the environment. The complete text of these position statements is available on the web at These are just the first in a series of statements conveying AWRA positions and efforts to advance multidisciplinary water resources science, education, management, and policy. During the next several months the Policy Committee will be developing several more position statements. Your participation in the development of our organization’s position statements is welcome and strongly encouraged. Go to the AWRA Technical Committees web site section (Membership/Technical Committee) to see the list of Technical Committees and contact if you would like to join a Committee.

National Water Resources Vision: …(full text President’s Message).

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