Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility ICCR

For nearly 40 years the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) has been a leader of the corporate social responsibility movement. ICCR’s membership is an association of 275 faith-based institutional investors, including national denominations, religious communities, pension funds, foundations, hospital corporations, economic development funds, asset management companies, colleges, and unions. ICCR and its members press companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. Each year ICCR-member religious institutional investors sponsor over 300 shareholder resolutions on major social and environmental issues … (Homepage).

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Address and map: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Suite 1842, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115, USA;

About ICCR; ICCR’s Mission Statement: Through the lens of faith, ICCR builds a more just and sustainable world by integrating social values into corporate and investor actions.

Our history:

ICCR began in 1971 when representatives from a number of Protestant denominations joined together to challenge the role of banks and companies in Apartheid South Africa. For nearly four decades, ICCR has merged social and environmental values with investment decisions, believing as long-term investors, one must achieve more than an acceptable financial return.

The work of ICCR and its members has been covered in such prestigious news outlets as Time, Forbes, and Business Week. To read what others are saying about us, visit our ICCR In the News Page.

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