Nijera Kori

Linked with Khushi Kabir – Bangladesh.

Nijera Kori is a movement for awareness, from the individual to the collective, relating to life in deep perspective, encompassing all its social, economic and political aspects. It is an awareness of an individuals existence that remains dormant untill awakened by external pressures and forces. The pressures are those of poverty, exploitation and deprivation, of marginalisation and exclusion, of class and gender discrimination and the forces are those of protest, for assertion of rights and privileges, for equality and justice, to which they have a natural claim by law and social norm.

The focus of Nijera koris activity concentrates on comprehension and assertion of the rights of citizens through a definite and progressive attempt to collectively establish these rights. Unity is power and people are at the core of this power. This is the base for social mobilization. Through ensuring a truly organic and active democratic process, Nijera Kori works in facilitating and strengthening autonomous organisations of the marginalised and excluded people in their endeavour to change their lives and establish their influence in the larger society.

Njera Kori – which means, “We do it ourselves”, is a major Non-Government Organision, in Bangladesh concerned with the empowerment of the poor.


Mission, Objectivves;


Peoples Voices.

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