Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases CAAB

CAAB is focused on American bases in the UK and world wide and campaigns non-violently to:

  • raise public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK – over here, out of control and secretive
  • oppose the US Missile Defense system
  • promote Independence FROM America

CAAB works to reveal this by: … (full text Aims and Objectives).

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About 2/2:  The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) evolved in 1992 out of the long campaign of protest at the American base at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire; local people having expressed their concerns at the arrival of the US Army at Menwith Hill in 1951. 

We have continued to build on the work and struggles of many people over the years since the arrival, occupation and control of the US Visiting Forces in the UK.

There is a demonstration every Tuesday evening (6-8pm) outside the main entrance to Menwith HIl – we will be focussing particularly on the role that this base is playing in the conflict in Gaza and that the US military role in this terrible conflict until there is a cease fire. We urge as many people as possible to join us with banners. It is one thing we can do….

We concentrate on the presence, role and functions of the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies in the UK (also world wide). Our long term aim is to send the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies back to within their borders.

See the CAAB list of Aims and Objectives.

Where are these bases? (which are all referred to as ‘RAF’ but are in fact under the control and occupation of the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies):

  • National Security Agency of America (NSA) Menwith Hill – near Harrogate North Yorkshire
  • United States Air Force (USAF) Mildenhall – near Brandon Suffolk
  • USAF Lakenheath – near Brandon Suffolk
  • USAF Alconbury – near Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
  • The Deep Space Tracking Facility and Near Space Center at Feltwell – near Thetford Norfolk
  • Joint Analysis and Intelligence Infusion Center (JAIIC) Molesworth near Molesworth Cambridgeshire
  • USAF Fairford – near Letchlade Gloucestershire
  • USAF Croughton near Northampton Northamptonshire
  • RAF Fylingdales near Pickering North Yorkshire (run by the RAF but Missile Defense component is joint shared)
  • … significant US military presence at RAF Digby, GCHQ Morwhenstow, and many more.

For more information refer to THE BASES page.

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