The International Gender and Trade Network IGTN

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The International Gender and Trade Network is a network of feminist gender specialists who provide technical information on gender and trade issues to women’s groups, NGOs, social movements and governments. IGTN acts as a political catalyst to enlarge the space for a critical feminist perspective and global action on trade and globalization issues. It is a Southern-led network that builds South/North cooperation in the work of developing more just and democratic policy from a critical feminist perspective. IGTN is organized in eight regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Gulf, North America and the Pacific.

Trade Agreements
Economic Literacy

Specially: Gender and Trade in Africa (GENTA):

GENTA organizes economic literacy workshops and trainings on gender, trade, NEPAD, WTO policies, and the impact of globalization and privatization on women, families and communities throughout Africa. GENTA works with with participants from the private sector, the women’s movement, government, labor and civil society in their education and advocacy efforts.

GENTA’s workshops initiate movement building and mobilization of African women around gender and trade in order to counteract the inequities between North and South and women and men that continue to be perpetuated by trade agreements.

Information about GENTA Resources and Organizational Structure can be accessed through the sidebar menu to the left.

For more information on the Gender and Trade Network in Africa contact:

Mohau Pheko (coordinatrice), and Motheho Mokhantso Innovators, P.O. Box 6655, Johannesburg, 2000, 71013 Suite#F Langa Street Benoni, 1520 South Africa.
e-mail, Tel. 27 11 4262781, Fax: 27 11 4262056.

See also this page of the Africa Gender and Trade Network on IGTN.

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