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Linked with Afghanistan is first priority: What planet is David Cameron on?

Soldier Joe Glenton, who was court martialled for refusing to fight in Afghanistan, and for speaking out at anti-war demonstrations, has lost his appeal against his prison sentence … (full text article: Soldier who said no … ).

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About /Aims: The Stop the War Coalition was formed on September 21st, 2001 at a public meeting of over 2,000 people in London. The platform statement above was ratified at public meetings held in October 2001 in London: 

  • 1. The aim of the Coalition should be very simple: to stop the war currently declared by the United States and its allies against ‘terrorism’. We condemn the attacks on New York and we feel the greatest compassion for those who lost their life on 11th September 2001. But any war will simply add to the numbers of innocent dead, cause untold suffering, political and economic instability on a global scale, increase racism and result in attacks on civil liberties. The aims of the campaign would be best expressed in the name Stop the War Coalition.
  • 2. Supporters of the Coalition, whether organisations or individuals, will of course be free to develop their own analyses and organise their own actions. But there will be many important occasions when united initiatives around broad stop the war slogans can mobilise the greatest numbers.
  • 3. The Coalition shall elect a steering committee which reflects the breadth of those involved to carry forward the aims and objectives. Local groups should have regular, open and inclusive meetings. 4. We call on all peace activists and organisations, trade unionists, campaigners and labour movement organisations to join with us in building a mass movement that can stop the drive to war.
  • 5. We are committed to opposing any racist backlash generated by this war. We will fight to stop the erosion of civil rights.

Constitution: … (full text about).

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