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Ankur was started in 1983 in Delhi to help build empathy and an appreciation of diversities. For the last two decades Ankur has been working with the urban marginalised to create alternative models of education that respond to vital societal concerns and strive for building a society that affirms dignity of life, sharing of resources, participation, dialogue and non-violence. Ankur works with children between ages 6 and 13 and 14 to 15.

Ankur’s activities are aimed towards:

  • Development of alternative curricula and teaching -learning material for children, adolescents and women. Curricula that address issues of conflict based on gender, caste, class, religion, and nation; and connect personal with the social micro with the macro, local with the global.
  • Building people’s group that use spaces in government systems to strengthen and legitimise people’s right to information and participation.
  • Facilitation of processes that engage young people in conversations that explore their space in the city and challenge the dominant modes of thought. They create local history by documenting their unique history and modes of expression using sounds images and texts and register themselves in the vast cyberspace.
  • Review and critique of the government policies and programs within the global context and with special reference to their implication for the marginalised.
  • Evaluation of government and non government programs for education, women’s empowerment, community development.
  • Development of facilitators as reflective practitioners.
  • Resource and training inputs to government and non governmental organisations.
  • Collaboration with other NGO networks and campaigns, academics, educational institutions, government bodies for a combined effort for educational and social change. We support alliances for child rights, women rights, people centered development, peace and democracy.

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