International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications INASP

INASP comprises a small number of staff, governed by an international Board of Trustees … (full text Who’s who).

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About: INASP’s work focuses on communication, knowledge and networks, with particular emphasis on the needs of developing and emerging countries. 

We respond to their national priorities for:

  • access to national and international scholarly information and knowledge
  • capacities to use, create, manage and communicate scholarly information and knowledge via appropriate ICTs
  • national, regional and international co-operation, networking and knowledge exchange

We also advise and advocate for improved policy and practice in achieving sustainable and equitable development through effective communication, knowledge and networks.

  • We work with 23 partner countries and over 80 network countries around the world. See the partner and network country page for more information on how we work.
  • INASP’s current programme focus is the Programme for the Enhancment of Research Information (PERii). PERii is the second five-year phase of INASP’s Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information. Focusing on the needs of developing and emerging countries, PERii works with partners to support global research communication through knowledge exchange, network building and capacity strengthening.
  • INASP was established by the International Council for Science (ICSU) in 1992, and was registered as a UK charity in 2004.
  • Based in Oxford and governed by an international Board of Trustees, INASP is run with a small number of full-time staff working with, and through, partners and networks in over one hundred countries.
  • INASP’s work is funded by its partner countries, governmental and non-governmental development agencies, and philanthropic foundations.

INASP Promotional Materials.

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