Linked with Geoff Mulgan – England, with Background-Report on Cities in Transition, and with Geoff Mulgan’s Spring Conference 2006.

Demos is the think tank for everyday democracy. We believe everyone should be able to make personal choices in their daily lives that contribute to the common good. Our aim is to put this democratic idea into practice by working with organisations in ways that make them more effective and legitimate.

Focused on the following areas:

public services, the adaptive state;
science and technology;
cities and public space, self build cities;
arts and culture, valuing culture;
global security.

Our partners include policy-makers, companies, public service providers and social entrepreneurs. Demos is not linked to any party but we work with politicians across political divides. Our international network – which extends across eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Brazil, India and China – provides a global perspective and enables us to work across borders.

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