IN-DEPTH Network

  • INDEPTH’s Vision: INDEPTH will be an international platform of sentinel demographic sites that provides health and demographic data and research to enable developing countries to set health priorities and policies based on longitudinal evidence.  INDEPTH’s data and research will guide the cost effective use of tools, interventions and systems to ensure and monitor progress towards national goals.
  • INDEPTH’s Mission: … (Vision, Mission).

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Addresss (1 of 5): INDEPTH NETWORK SECRETARIAT, Physical Address: 11 Mensah Wood Street, East Legon, Accra, Ghana;
Postal Address: P. O. Box KD 213, Kanda, Accra, Ghana;

INDEPTH’s Strategic Objectives:

1.To support and strengthen the ability of INDEPTH sites to conduct longitudinal health and demographic studies in defined populations
2.To facilitate the translation of INDEPTH findings to maximisw impact on policy and practice
3.To facilitate and support research capability strengthening relevant to INDEPTH activities
4.To stimulate and co-ordinate multi-site applications to research funding bodies for specific research activities

INDEPTH’s Broad Activities

1. Cultivate cross-site activity through the:

  • Execution of comparative studies and exchange of experiences on critical common problems.
  • Creation and sharing of regional health status assessments relevant to global priority setting.
  • Coordinated multi-site research collaborations that evaluate interventions in diverse socio-culture and geographic environments.
  • Recruitment and/or creation of additional sites; particularly sites that provide INDEPTH with presence in current geographic gaps.

2. Generate longitudinal data and analysis that can impact on ongoing health and social reforms, inform health and social policy and practice and contribute to governmental, NGO, private and community health efforts.

3. Broaden the scope of health research by confronting the emerging agenda of non-communicable disease and aging, violence and injury, migration and urbanization and the problems associated with vulnerable population segments.

4. Continually improve the methods and technologies used by member sites to ensure all participating groups have access to the most valid and appropriate methodologies available.

5. Generate visibility and recognition for INDEPTH and member sites among critical constituencies including academic, government and international agencies and donors.

INDEPTH’s Key Strategies

The INDEPTH Secretariat supports its member sites in a number of ways.

  • First, it facilitates knowledge sharing among sites. By disseminating data, convening analysis workshops, coordinating multi-site research collaborations, funding cross-site scientific visits, and promoting on-site training courses and internships, INDEPTH builds capacity and standardises research methods across the network.
  • Second, it provides practical tools for sites. These include assistance with website development and dissemination of models for survey design, data processing and analysis, and quality control.
  • Third, it raises the profile of DSS sites among the international policy community by synthesising and presenting results to governments, international agencies, donors and academics.

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