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of Ethics and International Affairs

Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an independent, nonprofit, educational 501(c)3 institution serving international affairs professionals, teachers and students, and the attentive public … (about /who we are 1/2).

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Address: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Merrill House, 170 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065-7478, USA;

About /who we are 2/2: … Since its inception, the Council has focused on the enduring importance of ethical values in international relations. Then, as now, the Council aspires to be a worldwide “voice for ethics.” 

It provides a nonpartisan, open forum for discussions that go beyond the political efficacy and economic efficiency of policies to questions of values, principles, and moral argument—discussions which might not otherwise take place.

The Council takes a pluralistic approach to ethics. By ethics, we mean systematic reflection on the standards by which policy choices are made and defended, and attention to the Carnegie Council’s guiding principles: pluralism, rights and responsibilities, and fairness.

Although related to other Carnegie organizations through its founder and principal benefactor, Andrew Carnegie, the Council is separate and independent from all other Carnegie philanthropies. Operating under its own charter and its own governance structure the Council embodies Andrew Carnegie’s two great philanthropic interests: extending educational opportunity and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflict.


Our newest venture, the Carnegie Ethics Studio, leverages new technologies in service of the enduring values that have guided the Council through its history.

We record our public events on video and/or audio. The Studio edits all of these programs in-house and makes them available for online distribution. It also produces additional original content, such as interviews (see the Interview section and browse the Video and Audio sections) and the Global Ethics Corner weekly series.

The Studio is the Council’s distribution mechanism for all of its activities. In addition to our New York based programs, the Studio services the Ethics Centers/Labs belonging to the Council’s new Global Ethics Network. This network of educational partnerships is now being established around the world.

WHAT WE OFFER: … (full text about).

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