The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is an international network working to build the capacity of not-for-profit organisations to mobilise funds and local resources for their causes. We achieve this through training, knowledge sharing and networking activities worldwide. The Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity and has 501c3 status in the US. Our website is full of valuable information on resource mobilisation techniques, latest news, case studies, useful contacts and links.

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about: The Resource Alliance’s mission is to build the fundraising and local resource mobilisation capacity of the voluntary sector worldwide. Resource Alliance is a UK registered charity (No.1099889) and has 501c3 status in the US. Our vision is of a strong voluntary sector throughout the world, working to the highest ethical standards of accountability and stewardship. Read more about our mission. If you are interested in finding out about the 25 year history of the Resource Alliance, click here .

To read our Annual Review for the year 2005/06 in PDF version, please click on this DOWNLOAD link;

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Latest Publications:

What is Leadership? Join Bernard Ross as he offers his take on what leadership means, and how this can be applied to the non-profit sector. Read more on this link.
Norma Galafassi Branding, the exciting business of making it work. Norma Galafassi shares her views on the vital role branding plays in the charity sector. Read more on this link.

Attitude and fundraising. What exactly do we mean by attitude, and how does it affect the way people fundraise? Read more on this link.

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