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  • The bimonthly magazine The Broker and its associated website and email newsletter are published by the Foundation for International Development Publications (IDP), Stationsweg 28, 2312 AV Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • The Broker aims to contribute to evidence-based policy making and better formulated research questions in the field of poverty reduction and international development … (about 1/2).

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Address: The Broker, Publisher IDP Stationsweg 28, 2312 AV Leiden, The Netherlands;
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About 2/2: … The Broker helps policy makers, practitioners and scientists to make a better use of the results and conclusions of recent and ongoing research and evaluations, in the fields of economics, governance, security and science & technology.

To reach its objective The Broker reviews and provides independent journalistic analyses of research of both the public and private sector research and evaluations of both government and NGO development programmes.

Editor in Chief: Frans Bieckmann,
Research and managing editor: Ellen Lammers
Editing: Valerie Jones, Mark Speer (Contactivity bv, Leiden)
Web editor: Louise Stoddard

Research: Chris van der Borgh (conflict), Willemijn Verkoren (civil society) and Janne Nijman (global justice).
The Broker thesis project: Kim Brouwers, Marenne Mei Jansen
Editorial committee: Bram Huijsman (chair), Johan van de Gronden, Erik van Heeswijk, Mirjam Ros-Tonen, Kees Schaepman, Fons van der Velden.

Production, website and distribution:

  • Contactivity bv, Stationsweg 28, 2312 AV Leiden, the Netherlands,
  • Production coordinator and photo research: Rutger Engelhard,
  • Design and layout: Anita Toebosch,
  • Cover illustrations: Rutger Post, Inbeelding, Amsterdam, Basic design: Frisse Wind, Amsterdam,
  • Board of IDP: Louk Box (chair), Evelijne Bruning, Ton Dietz and Rajendre Khargi.

The Broker is funded by the NWO/WOTRO Science for Global Development. The opinions expressed in The Broker are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of its publisher or funding agency. ISSN 1874-2033. Copyrights: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Non Derivative Works.

See Disclaimer for further details.

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