Governance and Social Development Resource Centre GSDRC

University of Birmingham, UK

  • The Governance and Social Development Resource Centre GSDRC was established by the UK Department for International Development DFID in 2005 to provide high quality, timely information to support international development project and programme planning, policy-making, and other activities in the field.
  • In July 2009 the GSDRC was also awarded a two-year contract to provide the Australian Agency for International Development AusAID with access to our research services … (What we do 1/2, scroll down to about).

Document Library; Newsletter; Topic Guides; Gateway Guides; Research Helpdesk; Emerging Issues; Consultancy Services; Security sector reform; Partner: The Global Facilitation Network GFN;
Address: GSDRC, c/o International Development Department IDD, Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK;
University of Birmingham’s Contacts; The International Development Department’s Contact; GSDRC’s Contacts.

What we do 2/2, since beginning: Staff profile; Consortium; Services; Management and quality control; GSDRC mid-term review.

Our services: 

  • Document library A collection of the most credible publications available on governance, conflict and social development issues. This includes brief, policy-oriented summaries of each document highlighting the major findings and implications in an easy to read format, plus links to the full text online or by document delivery.
  • Research helpdesk Rapid response research service for short desk-based research needs. Most helpdesk reports are publicly available on our website
  • Emerging issues research service A more in-depth research service for emerging policy areas
  • Consultancy services Efficient contracting of consultants to carry out consultancy, desk-based research, and training
  • Topic guides User-friendly guides to key topics in governance, conflict and social development to bring you up to date on the key debates and critical issues in each topic area. Guides are produced by our researchers in close collaboration with external experts and practitioners in DFID.
  • Gateway guides Guides to the most useful, credible and up-to-date resources available on the internet in relation to a number of governance and social development topics.
  • Email bulletin A monthly bulletin including the latest governance and social development news, as well as overviews of new publications and the latest research from the helpdesk.

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