Genderlinks GL, South Africa

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Promoting gender equality in and through the media.

Genderlinks GL is committed to a Southern Africa in which women and men are able to realise their full potential and participate equally in all aspects of public and private life. (See Homepage and more).


Genderlinks GL works to achieve this vision through promoting gender equality in and through the media as well as in all areas of governance. The organisation’s specific goals are to:

Empower women, who have been socialised to occupy private spaces, to claim their voices as citizens, decision-makers, and in all aspects of public and private life. This objective recognises that it is not enough to focus on gender sensitisation of the media. Women must also be empowered to claim their space. GL thus places its specific focus on the media within the context of gender and governance more broadly.

Promote equal representation and participation of women and men within the institutional structures of the media.

Promote equal voice and the fair portrayal of women and men in the media.
Further the overall objective of gender equality through enlightened reporting on gender issues that challenges stereotypes and raises crucial debates. We work to achieve more diverse, informed and probing coverage of gender issues so that the media becomes a change agent in the rest of society.

Contact: Address 9 Derrick Avenue, Cnr Marcia Avenue, Cyrildene, 2198, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa.
Telephone +27(0)11 622 2877, Fax +27(0)11 622 4732, Email.

Some of our activities

Partnership: In all of its work, GL places a strong emphasis on partnerships. GL has a long history of collaboration with the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) with whom it conducted the Gender and Media Baseline Study (GMBS) and convened the Southern African Gender and Media Summit attended by 184 participants from around the region as well as international observers. This led to the launching of the Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSA) Network. GL hosts the secretariat for GEMSA and for its South African chapter, the South African Gender and Media Network (SAGEM).

GL is part of the Africa Gender and Media Initiative (GEM) – a partnership between three organizations committed to the fair representation of women and increased coverage of gender issues in the mainstream media. Its two partners in this initiative are:

Inter Press Service, a global development news network that has been in the forefront of mainstreaming gender in its coverage; and
The African Women and Child Feature Service that has been active in policy debates on gender and the media in East Africa.
GL played a founding role in the launching of the Media Action Plan of HIV/AIDS and Gender that is coordinated by the Southern African National Editors Forum (SAEF). GL and GEMSA coordinate the policy arm of this initiative.

Among partners that GL has worked with in specific projects in the media field are:

  • Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ)
  • The NSJ Trust
  • The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
  • The Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ)
  • Polytechnic of Namibia (PON)
  • Women’s Net
  • Women’s Media Watch

GL is also currently the coordinator of the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance that comprises ten NGOs from around Southern Africa who are campaigning to have the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development elevated to a Protocol.

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