Lesbian and Gay Hospitality Exchange International LGHEI

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How does LGHEI function? An annual printed directory, available only to members, is published in March and an online directory is available year round. Members who wish to travel use the directory or the website to contact the members they would like to be received by. Members are expected to give their prospective hosts some advance notice before making their visit. Last minute requests for accommodation are not appreciated and can simply be denied. Members are expected to answer all requests for accommodation, whether in the affirmative or the negative. Members are expected to limit requests for hospitality to two nights. This protects hosts from being stuck with a guest with whom they are incompatible and protects the traveller from outright refusals of hospitality because of the hosts’ fear of that possibility. However, hosts are free to offer longer stays at their discretion – and many do after learning how interesting and pleasant their guests are. (About).

Registration online;
Representative Contact online.

Join LGHEI: What to expect? Members offer anything from a guest bedroom to a sofa, to a foam mattress for a sleeping bag. The rest is up to you.

At the time of the visit you may choose to offer airport pick-up, breakfast, tours of gay and/or tourist spots or whatever else a good host may think of – depending on your possibilities. Think how you would like to be received.

Each member decides how many guests he/she can receive and when. Nevertheless, this is a hospitality exchange and, therefore, not for those who aren’t capable of, or interested in, receiving other members.

Don’t forget that both hosts and guests benefit from each visit! Our hosts have their house rules, as we have ours, and appreciate when they are respected.

Because the hospitality is free, a token gift or a dinner invitation for the hosts might be appreciated.

LGHEI’s Culture:

  • We oppose discrimination on the basis of gender, race or national origin, age, “beauty” or other considerations. We expect all members of LGHEI to be welcome at the homes of all other members. If cultural or other considerations prevent you from abiding by these conditions, please explain this with your membership application.
  • All members are expected to respect the customs and obey the laws of the areas they are visiting, particularly those regarding homosexuality. LGHEI cannot be held responsible for its members’ conduct. LGHEI reiterates that it is an organization with the sole purpose of facilitating international and domestic travel. Members are traceable through their directory addresses, and only members receive the directory. This is a built-in security concerning our guests.

How to join?

  • You can join LGHEI electronically with Paypal or complete theonline application and send in a check. Please note that your membership will need to be approved by an LGHEI representative before you can use the directory.   The annual membership fee  is €25.  If you are paying by Paypal you will be charged the current exchange rate. If paying by check in USD the amount is $30.  Your membership will be processed when your membership fee is received.

… (full long text Joining LGHEI).

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