• Hooking up with locals to sleep in a boat in a canal in Amsterdam, have some beers in Australia, true Italian Pasta in Italy, Sushi in Japan or even at home? Sounds good?
  • That is what Hospitality Exchange Networks have to offer. These Networks help to bring travelers in contact with locals. Thousands of people around the world will meet you, show you their city, have a typical meal together, help you with you travel plans and even let you stay for free.
  • Bringing people from different cultures and social background together can reduce prejudices and intolerance by enhancing intercultural understanding. But above all, they will bring you fun, broaden your horizon and give you the chance to easily meet new interesting people everywhere … (full text Homepage).

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Contacts worldwide.

Wiki: The aim of is to help people interested in hospitality exchange, either to use it for a long trip or just for a day trip, to find their way, by presenting the networks, tips and allowing people to discuss experiences. 

For old time hospitality exchange people it offers an independent platform to talk about experiences, futures & safety, ideas & believes. For now there aren’t any restrictions for this Hospitality Exchange Wiki. It is a collaborative project to build an information base about hospitality exchange (usable for everybody under a Creative Commons license), to discuss many facets of hospitality exchange. Developing new content for Hospitality Exchange Networks (from tips for women travelers to guidelines on how to organize a camp), drafts how the perfect network could look like, developing the ‘perfect’ network policies or different cool features. Currently there are 1,503 articles. It is a wiki, which means that every visitor can add, delete, and modify information. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, please read How a wiki works and start editing! |} …

… (scroll down to bottom: a long and interesting Network List. (full long texts).

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Spezielles Übernachtungsverzeichnis von Radlerinnen und Radlern: – eine scheinbar nur nur auf deutsch gehaltene Webseite.

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