Homeshare International

promoting housing for help worldwide – also in french and spanish

  • … Homesharing is a simple idea. A householder offers accommodation to a homesharer in exchange for an agreed level of support. The support needed may be help with the household tasks, or it may be financial support, or a combination of both. Homeshare is essentially an exchange that recognises that two people have needs and something to offer. This site will be of interest to: … (full long text Welcome).

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Address: Homeshare International, 11 Divinity Road, Oxford, OX4 1LH, UK;

About: Homeshare International was founded in London, UK, in 1999 to forge links between the programmes known to be running in eight countries and to stimulate the development of new programmes. 

We aim to:

  • provide a link between all homeshare programmes around the world, enabling the agencies involved to share information;
  • raise awareness of homeshare and its potential among professionals and policy makers in housing, social work and other relevant fields;
  • stimulate the setting up of new homeshare programmes;
  • support and encourage good practice in running programmes;
  • encourage potential householders and homesharers to join the programmes;
  • encourage academics to do research on the contribution that homeshare can make to the social needs it seeks to address.

Homeshare International is a registered UK charity (number 1081517). We were part funded by the European Commission until November 2000.

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