Center for Assistance to Information Technology Initiatives CAITI, Haiti

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The Center for Assistance to Information Technology Initiatives (CAITI) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization created by a Caribbean youth group striving to democratize and popularize the NICTs in our area. We have gathered together, since the beginning of 2002, many access centers, cyber cafés, Associations, community schools and colleges in order to help them:

  • Give service to built their community’s capacity;
  • Lower their access costs;
  • Maintain their access service through training on basic management techniques.

(See on Stand 225.05 ict4d).

Vernous Guyverson, Haiti, from the Center for Assistance with IT Initiatives CAITI, Haiti. Vernous Guyverson is an ICT consultant for the Haitian government. He holds a master’s degree in public administration with a focus on e-government and a bachelor’s degree in major accounting. Vernous is the international expert for several projects in the Caribbean, in Africa and in Canada. He is also an e-business lecturer at several universities in Haiti and French Guyana. (See Internet Governance and Policy).

About Us: IDB YOUTH is the Youth Development and Outreach Program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). We have been working since 1995 to more effectively meet the needs of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean and promote their active engagement and leadership in regional development.

IDB YOUTH focuses on: Participation and leadership, Community service, Technology, Business development.

Exemple: JWTh writes: (I am a) Student finishing in Data-processing sciences of the Higher School of Infotronic of Haiti(ESIH). My participation in the preparation of the World Summit on the Company of Information through the Forum Main road of the Young people Organizes by the CAITI enabled me to have the title of Promoter NTIC, I am laid out in measurement of my possibilities to work for the promotion of the TIC in my country Haiti. (on gasonbondye).

CAITI participates in the IDB Youth, Youth Development and Outreach Program:

IDB YOUTH builds strategic alliances with the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors and with young people themselves, in order to create a space where their voices can be heard and they can make a difference in their community and national development.

What problem does the project intend to mitigate or resolve?
Haiti is one of the poorest countries of the region and the rare secondary schools and universities which have a laboratory are not connected to Internet and their computer materials not adapted. The cost of access in cybercafés is estimated at 1.50 USD/1hr, which represents almost the daily salary of a Haitian worker and when we see the craze of the youth to pay this sum to cybercafés, it demonstrates very clearly the charm of IT on the young people.

The PCS wants to help thousands of Haitian youth to acquire a practical experience of the ICTs; it also wishes to give them access to the computer material and software, to get them an invaluable working experience in the IT field. (See IDB Youth).

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