Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

a contest for high school students – by the Moody’s Foundation of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM.

  • The Moody’s Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting a variety of nonprofit education, health and human services, civic, and arts and culture programs. Established by Moody’s Corporation in 2001, the Foundation’s primary area of giving is secondary and higher education with a focus on mathematics, economics, and finance … (full text about the Moody’s Foundation).
  • About SIAM.

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Address: Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM, 3600 Market Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA;

About the M3 Challenge: The M3 Challenge spotlights applied mathematics as a powerful problem-solving tool, as a viable and exciting profession, and as a vital contributor to advances in an increasingly technical society.

Scholarship prizes total $100,000. The Challenge is entirely Internet-based. Each high school may enter up to two teams of three to five junior and/or senior students. No exceptions will be made to allow underclassmen. Students choose which day they wish to work on Challenge weekend and have 14 hours (7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) to solve an open-ended, realistic, applied math-modeling problem focused on a real-world issue. Teams can work from any location they choose and can use any free and publicly available resources, but they may not discuss any aspect of the problem with, or seek help from, their coach or anyone other than their teammates … //

… Each team must have a teacher-coach who is a full-time teacher or an administrator at its school. A teacher-coach may work with one or both teams from his or her school in advance of the Challenge day, but is prohibited from providing student teams any assistance with the Challenge problem during Challenge weekend.

The teacher-coach’s role is to make students aware of the contest, to encourage the organization of student teams, to register the team, and to help prepare the teams for the Challenge.

Once the problem has been downloaded on their team’s Challenge day, coaches may not assist or be in contact with any team member regarding any aspect of the problem until the Challenge is over, after 9:00 p.m. that night. Students must troubleshoot problems on their own; they may not discuss any aspect of the problem, or seek help from anyone other than their teammates. Failure to adhere to this requirement is grounds for disqualification.

Coaches are not required to be physically with or near the team on Challenge day.

Both teams from a single school are permitted to have the same teacher-coach.

The coach of each team submitting a viable solution paper on time and in the proper format receives an appreciation gift for his or her efforts in helping the team participate. Coaches receive a gift regardless of the team’s final standing in the competition … (full long text about the M3 Challenge).


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