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The intent of LCE is to provide a forum for sharing information about upcoming events which are committed to uncovering the various dimensions of social and enviromental justice … (about 1/2).

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Mailing Address: Left Coast Events, c/o VIPIRG, po box 3035 stn csc, Victoria BC, Coast Salish Territories, v8w 3p3, Canada;

About 2/2: … Events might include workshops, teach ins, rallies, updates from grass roots or non-profit societies, music, art, film and other creative actions. 

The website and listserve have been made possible through small donations ($20 here and there or the ocassional $100).

This forum is based out of Victoria, BC, Coast Salish Territories and most of the subscribers live on southern Vancouver Island.

Anyone can add an event and doing so is free for not for profit organizing and actions. LCE does not offer this service as free adversiting to government and for profit listings.

You can subscribe on the home page in the right hand side there is a place to add your name and email. Email onemoreforjustice (at) riseup.net


  • The content of this newsletter is not necessarily endorsed by its it’s moderators, those who give in kind or provide donations or any individuals and organizations involved with its publication.Any untruths, lies, defamation or other potential or actual harm that arises to any individual or group is the responsibility of the original author.
  • The moderator(s) cannot ensure that the newsletter is free of errors, viruses, interception or interference and does not accept liability or legal responsibility for its effect on electronic devices. The moderator(s) can’t guarantee that all listed events will actually occur.
  • Some of the challenges of organizing are questions about whose voices are heard and what gets taken up as a “cause”, even in some seemingly ‘progressive” organizing. With this in mind Left Coast Events envisions organizing in a way that acknowledges where we are standing (unceded Indigenous Territories), while prioritizing the voices of those most impacted by the destruction of our land and communities.


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