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  • In a world where people often react to conflict either by being passive or resorting to violence, we believe that there is a third way, the way of nonviolence.
  • The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation has a long history of working for peace and reconciliation through active nonviolence.  We are a Christian, ecumenical member-based civil society organisation, founded in 1919. Our 2 500 members come from all denominations. SweFOR is the Swedish branch of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, IFOR.
  • We have a range of programs aimed at promoting a peace culture, in Sweden and the world: … (full text english Homepage).

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Address: Kristna Fredsrörelsen, Ekumeniska centret, Starrbäcksgatan 11, 172 99 Sundbyberg, Sweden;
Contact: telefon: 08-453 68 40, e-post.

International Peace Service: The overall goal of the International Peace Service program is to prevent armed conflict, decrease the level of violence and help create conditions for peace and peaceful conflict management in the countries where we work.

We want to create space for and strengthen civil society organisations that struggle for peace, justice and human rights. In Sweden, we want to increase the level of knowledge of and interest in the countries where we work.

Preventive Presence:

We send peace observers to Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia, where they accompany individuals and organisations working for peace, justice and human rights. We have sent groups of peace observers to Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico since 2000. The Colombia program started in 2004.

The objectives of sending peace observers to these areas are:

  • - to increase local organisations’ capacity to act and decrease that of the aggressor
  • - to collect and disseminate information, nationally and internationally
  • - to offer moral support and hope

Information and advocacy:

  • Information and advocacy work is about creating conditions for preventive presence by building action networks and channels for disseminating information in case anything happens to our volunteers, or to the people that we work with in Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. Preventive presence must go hand in hand with information work, so that human rights abuses don’t go un-noticed.
  • We want to increase the knowledge in Sweden about the situation in Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. Media coverage of these countries is very limited and usually focuses on the spectacular, such as violence. The peace work carried out by local people and organisations get little attention.

For more information about the Peace Service Program, please contact here.

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