Association ZENA BIH, Mostar

Linked with Azra Hasanbegovic – Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hopes Betrayed, and with Trafficking Women and Children.

The Association “ŽENA BIH”, Mostar works to combat trafficking through research and the reintegration of women who have been trafficked from Bosnia and Herzegovina to places abroad.

Excerpt: … The next day we drove in warm sunny weather through isolated mountainous country to Mostar. There, in a bombed-out building, we visited the office of the women’sproject Zena BIH. The project leader, Azra Hasanbegovic, and her colleagues gave us a detailed account of their work, which encompasses mainly legal counseling, AIDS-prevention, information on trafficking in women, mediation and conciliation programs. We then drove to a day center which they run for senior women citizens, visited their women’s center (boutique, café, hairdresser and massage), and then went to the new women’s refuge Marguerite, which was inaugurated on December 8. Fadila regrets that for our Project only 3 candidates from Bosnia-Herzegovina are planned, as so many women there are engaged in peace work worthy of recognition.

Udruženje Âssociation ŽENA B&H WOMAN.

Small grants make large contributions in trafficking prevention.

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