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As an independent, non-profit organization BICC is dedicated to promoting and facilitating peace and development … (full text Homepage).

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About 2/2: Facilitating Peace and Development through Research, Advisory Services,
Training: As an independent, non-profit organization, BICC is dedicated to promoting and facilitating peace and development (Flyer: in english, and in german /auf deutsch). 

Our task:

  • BICC seeks to assist in preventing violent conflict and hence contribute to their constructive transformation. While disarmament frees resources, which can be employed in the fight against poverty, conversion allows for a targeted, best possible reuse of these resources

*Our work:

  • Peace and Development: BICC offers advisory services on disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DD&R). It evaluates DD&R-related processes as well as peacebuilding tools, studies the role of the security sector, researches on the nexus between development and peace as well as early warning systems for crises.
  • Arms – global trends, exports and control: BICC analyzes global trends in defense expenditures, armed forces personnel and militarization. It makes connections between arms exports, development aid and human rights and lobbies for global arms control.
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW): BICC offers advice and trainings worldwide on small arms control. It also consults on the marking and tracing as well as the safe stockpiling of SALW and ammunition. It collects data on proliferation of SALW and evaluates small arms control activities.
  • Resources and Conflict: BICC studies the nexus between natural resources and conflict while lobbying and providing training on this topic.
  • Migration and Conflict: BICC carries out research on the nexus between migration in Africa and security. It discusses challenges of migration and displacement in Sub-Saharan Africa and studies the African diaspora in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), in Germany and in the European Union.
  • Base conversion: BICC has carried out research on base conversion for 15 years – not only in Germany but worldwide.

Our services:

  • Applied research (research papers, background and evaluation studies, impact analysis, indicator development, data collection and analysis as well as project assistance and implementation).
  • Consultancy (background analyses, policy recommendations, expert workshops).
  • Capacity-building through the elaboration of concepts and modules for education and training.
  • Public relations (publications, conferences, events, and exhibitions).

Our donors and partners:

  • International and UN-organizations
  • Governments
  • International and national foundations
  • International and national research institutions
  • International and national NGOs
  • German federal states (Land) and federal ministries.

Our organization: … (full text about).

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