Women’s Institute for Alternative Development WINAD

  • The Women’s Institute for Alternative Development (WINAD) was founded in 1999 and introduced its Inter-generational Women’s Leadership Programme in the same year.
  • This programme partner girls with mature, conscious women who provide guidance and together they build sisterhood. The Big Sisters are leaders in the media, business, trade unions, politics, law, NGOs, education, culture and social development … (about 1/2).

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Address: WINAD, 11 Meyler Street, Trinidad, West Indies;
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About 2/2 … Our Objectives:

  • Build sisterhood among women.
  • Promote women’s participation in all decision making processes.
  • Promote respect for women’s human rights and for gender justice
  • Promote initiatives to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women
  • Promote initiatives to encourage women’s conscious and collective action.
  • Promote initiatives for the social and political transformation of our society.
  • Collaborate with State and Non State Actors to build a just society.
  • Develop alternative learning and social institutions.
  • Partnerships

WINAD has worked with groups within Trinidad and Tobago, Latin America, North America and Europe.  The local organisations include:

  • Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA),
  • Friends for Life (FFL),
  • Advocates for the Poor,
  • East Port of Spain Council of Community Organisations,
  • Desperadoes Steel Orchestra,
  • Trinidad Youth Council,
  • CARICOM Task Force on Crime and Security,
  • Tobago Youth Council,
  • Disabled Women’s Network,
  • Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO),
  • Catholic Commission for Social Justice,
  • Performing Artistes,
  • Ministry of National Security,
  • Trinidad and Tobago Police Service,
  • Estate Police Association,
  • CAFRA,
  • Gayelletv and Radio i95.5fm,

Other partners have been:

WINAD is a member of:


  • WINAD continues to research and write on issues related to arms control such as human security, gender and violent crime in the Caribbean.


  • Gender equality, respect for human rights, protection and security by the State, citizen participation in decision making and safer communities.


  • WINAD has developed a number of projects in pursuance of its goal to sensitise the population about issues affecting human development.  These projects have ranged from interventions in schools, communities and State institutions … (full text).

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