The Women Waging Peace Network

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About: The Initiative for Inclusive Security includes The Women Waging Peace Network, a network of women peacemakers from conflict areas around the world, ranging from Sudan to Sri Lanka, Colombia to Bosnia, the Middle East to Sierra Leone. The Network was launched in 1999 to connect these women with each other and with policy shapers.

Members of the Waging network: all (are) demonstrated leaders among women peace builders, are elected and appointed government officials, directors of non-governmental organizations and movements in civil society, scholars and educators, businesspeople, representatives of multilateral organizations, and journalists. With varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, they bring a vast array of expertise to the peacemaking process.


Research and Recommendations: Inclusive Security documents women’s contributions to peace processes across conflict areas worldwide through primary research, including a series of case studies.

The studies focus on women’s activities in conflict prevention, pre-negotiation and negotiation, and post-conflict reconstruction — including governance; disarmament, demobilization, reintegration, and rehabilitation; and transitional justice and reconciliation. This body of work is pragmatic and operational, offering suggestions, guidelines, and models to encourage policymakers to include women and gender perspectives in their program designs. The Initiative advocates for the full participation of all stakeholders, especially women, in peace processes.

Creating sustainable peace is achieved best by a diverse, citizen-driven approach. Of the many sectors of society currently excluded from peace processes, none is larger — or more critical to success — than women.

The Women Waging Peace Network is part of the The Initiative for Inclusive Security:
Directory of Women Peace Experts,
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