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(Found on Weitzenegger’s Newsletter/websites of the moment, June 2010).

The mission of the ILAC Initiative is to strengthen the capacity of collaborative programmes to promote pro-poor agricultural innovation and to ensure that research and development activities are managed more effectively to contribute to poverty reduction. The specific focus of ILAC is on those collaborative arrangements that target and actively engage poor farmers and other poor people. (Mission).

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Address: Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative, c/o Bioversity International, Via dei Tre Denari 472a, 00057 Maccarese, Fiumicino RM, Italy;

About us: The ILAC Initiative brings together a group of national and international partners who are committed to strengthening the contributions of collaborative applied R&D programs to pro-poor agricultural innovation.

Hosted by Bioversity International, the initiative works with a range of collaborative programs and other partners in four main areas:

  • 1.Applied research and evaluation
  • 2.Capacity development
  • 3.Fostering leadership for pro-poor innovation
  • 4.Communications and knowledge sharing.

ILAC Factsheet:

What is the ILAC Initiative?

  • The Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative works to boost the contributions that agricultural research and development (R&D) is making to cut poverty worldwide.
  • The major challenge is that even successful povertyreducing research options are often not widely applied or adopted. The various partners that make up ILAC are addressing this by improving the ability of researchers and others involved in R&D to (i) work with a wide range of stakeholders, (ii) learn from the results of their work, (iii) share their knowledge and (iv) put that knowledge to work in agricultural innovation processes.
  • To be serious about poverty, the agricultural research and development community has to be serious about institutional learning and change. (Robert Chambers).

ILAC’s Approach:

  • Innovation, collaboration, and the fostering of increased demand are all needed for poverty-reducing research to have the maximum impact. ILAC is therefore using an innovation systems approach to improve our understanding of the processes behind agricultural change, and to guide interventions that aim to stimulate innovations that benefit the poor.

What are ILAC’s Aims? … (full text fact sheet).

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