Dynamics of Migrant Labour

seasonal and casual working in South Lincolnshire – Linked with A prosperous lawyer aids China’s migrant workers.

For Migrant Workers: We would like to welcome you in the UK. As you are starting a new life in the UK, it is important for you to have all kind of information which might help you in various situations. We hope you will be able to find relevant information on this website. The research carried out in South Lincolnshire revealed that migrant workers experience a range of problems associated with working in the UK … (full text For Migrant Workers).

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About the dynamics of migrant labour project: Seasonal and Casual Working in South Lincolnshire: The Dynamics of Migrant Labour.  

The project was commissioned in response to the increasing numbers of migrant workers in South Lincolnshire, the emerging impact on public services and a increasing concern by Agencies dealing with migrant workers  who were unclear of the best way of meeting needs of addressing problems raised.

The aims of the project were to collect information about the services most useful to migrant workers and to fund actions through pump priming projects to help close gaps.  Other aims of the project were to encourage multi-agency working in the provision of services and sharing of information and to promote a positive perception of migrant workers.

The main output of the project was the research report, ‘The Dynamics of Migrant Labour’, which was based on research and local consultation and received national publicity.  After publication the project team received many requests for information from across the country and they were invited to present their findings at a large number of events including the European Commission’s ‘European Year of Workers’ Mobility’ Conference held in Brussels In 2006.  A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the website on the side menu.

Key generic findings from the research provided the basis for awarding the pump priming projects and these fell into the categories of language skills, translation and interpretation; access to information and community cohesion.

Eleven projects were agreed to tackle some of the key issues identified.  These fell broadly into three groups.  Firstly, information projects:

  • a website with information for migrant workers, service providers and employers which has been translated into five languages;
  • ‘podcasts’ in four languages which can be played from the website covering basic phrases to help with learning English, information and tips
  • employer information packs in five languages with fact sheets and templates for employers and workers. Secondly advocacy projects which helped with providing advocacy and improving the services offered and finally training and skills projects to provide people with basic information about living in the UK and a second project that helped migrant workers make  best use of their skills and qualifications.

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