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At this Evaluation Portal you find hand-picked, human-edited, categorized information about the topic “evaluation” (and a bit about social science methods) I found to be useful during my work in this field … (full text Overview /Homepage Evaluation Portal).

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What does a successful evaluation project need? (again on Lars Balzer’s website) – GOALS OF THE STUDY:

Goal of this study, which is a part of my PhD-work, is to identify conditions of successful evaluation projects, to have a look how the current evaluation practice looks like and to integrate everything into a theoretical evaluation approach.

From an empirical point of view three main problems have to be addressed:

  • Conditions of successful evaluation projetcs should be examined within different disciplines, topics and fields.
  • During an evaluation project many different people (evaluators, clients, participants, people who have to live with the results, etc.) with very different needs and expectations are involved, but all of them are important to get a successful evaluation. To know more about these differences should be very interesting.
  • Furthermore, it is one goal to learn something about how the current evaluation practice looks like for these conditions.

It is the main goal of the theoretical evaluation approach to integrate the empirical knowledge as well as the different  – already known – evaluation-modells into a new one.


  • To reach the empirical goals two questionnaire studies have been carried out. At the first study (only in German language) evaluation experts in various fields have identified important conditions anonymously. At the second study (English and German) these conditions have been judged in the view of importance and current evaluation practice.

EMPIRICAL RESULTS: … (full text and downloads).

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