Catholics for the Right to Decide

Linked with María del Carmen Sarthes – Argentina.

This link seems to be their website, but it is actually not available.

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Who Are ‘Catholics for a Free Choice‘? (The) Pro-abortion Group Has Benefited from Pornography, Copyright © 1993 by Diane S. Dew, Published in ALL About Issues, Sept/Oct 1993 – Founded in 1972, Catholics For a Free Choice, a nominally Catholic, pro-abortion organization, has an annual budget of $900,000, and claims 8,000 members. According to the Encyclopedia of Associations, Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC) is an association of “Catholics within the Roman Catholic Church who support the right to legal reproductive health care, especially to family planning and abortion.

” Its goal, according to the Encyclopedia entry, is to “preserve the right of women’s choices in childbearing and child rearing”; it “advocates social and economic programs for women, families and children,” by engaging in “public education on being Catholic and pro-choice.” … (See more on Diane Dew’s Homepage).

El intendente Sobrero negó la posibilidad de un relleno sanitario en Lobos y ratificó la pronta construcción de una planta de tratamiento de residuos. Vierne, enero 5, 2007.

Know your basic rights in Canon Law: 1. All Catholics have the right to follow their informed consciences in all marters (Canon 748.1). (Read the other 10 articles on the Catholic New Times, Jan 29, 2006.

A PROPOSED CONSTITUTION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, Link to Suggested Text for Organizations to Introduce this Working Document – This Constitution provides the framework within which the Catholic Church governs itself. The Constitution sets forth the fundamental rights and corresponding responsibilities of members and the basic structure for decision-making and action within the Catholic Church. All laws, regulations and customs of the Catholic Church shall be carried out within this Constitution’s framework and spirit.
And also on ARCC.

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