The Iran Media Service

Linked with Jason Rezaian – Iran & USA, and with A World Between.

Offering a range of services for news crews, reporters and other Western media representatives working in Iran and the Middle East.

Committed to creating a uniquely rewarding experience for media professionals and artists in an awe-inspiring and often misunderstood region of the world.
Providing articles on Iran that shed more light on current events there than do many found in most US newspapers.

About: The Iran Media Service was founded in 2000 when Jason Rezaian began writing about Iran for US publications. What began as several articles aimed at showing Iran to Americans in a more representative light, has grown to an operation that now provides resources to other Western journalists and production crews assigned to Iran.

We’ve also ventured into filmmaking, colloborating on the documentary, “A World Between.”

Film ‘A World Between‘;
Iranian Links;

Read all the rest on The Iran Media Service Homepage.

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