Movement for Dominican Women of Haitian Decent MUDHA

Linked with Sonia Pierre – Dominican Republic, with the International Women’s Rights Action Watch irwaw, and with The Dominican Republic Country Report.

MUDHA has not its own website, but this organisation is mentionned on many other sites, like these:

MUDHA challenges both gender discrimination and racism in the Dominican Republic by empowering women, providing them with access to basic social services. It has built schools and health clinics in bateyes, and established day care and adult education programs. MUDHA also challenges laws and practices that maintain women and children of Haitian descent in conditions of poverty. For example, Ms Pierre has led a campaign to provide Dominican-born children of Haitian descent with the Dominican birth certificates to which they are entitled. Without them, children are excluded from schools and denied the advancement of education. Historically, the Dominican Republic has had uneasy relations with neighboring Haiti and politicians decry the “Haitian invasion” of the country and scapegoat Haitians as the source of their country’s problems. Although Ms. Pierre has herself been publicly attacked and her children threatened for their mother’s activism, she has continued to inspire women around her, personifying the possibilities of what struggle can achieve. (Read all on;
Human Rights Watch hwr;
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial;
Minority rights;
Center for Latin American Studies.

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