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Welcome to H-AfrPol, a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences online. H-AfrPol is sponsored by H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University; American Political Science Association; African Political Science Association. H-AfrPol encourages scholarly discussion of African political history. H-AfrPol’s online editor and editorial board serve a broad intellectual community …  (Homepage).

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About /H-NET ANNOUNCES H-AFRPOL, A H-NET LIST ON CURRENT AFRICAN POLITICS. Sponsored by H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University; American Political Science Association; African Political Science Association. 

H-AfrPol is an on-line discussion forum, web site, and electronic service for scholars, students, teachers, diplomats, members of the international humanitarian community, and others interested in the serious study of current African politics. This refereed discussion forum is designed to focus, to the extent possible, on both strategic-level and practical issues involving political system development and viability, the democratizing process, the roles of external humanitarian and political intervention, and those indigenous traditional political elements which enrich and complicate modern political life in Africa. H-AfrPol’s coverage is not limited by the Sahara; we will include any useful submissions concerning the whole continent and the adjacent islands.

At the core of these activities is the H-AfrPol discussion forum for those desiring a source of regular and open communication of ideas and information regarding the understanding of African politics. Discussions are to be open and constructive. The editors are prepared to accept material in French, although such material may have less response from the discussion forum. Participants are invited to use the forum as a means to bring matters of immediate interest to the attention of the forum.

H-AfrPol welcomes research reports and inquiries, bibliographies, syllabi and course materials, listings of new sources, library and archival information, non-commercial announcements of jobs, books, exhibits, journals, conferences, fellowships, and funding options, as well as reports on new software, datasets, CD-ROMs, and other electronic information relevant to the study of current African political developments.

H-AfrPol is edited by Walter Clarke, a retired Foreign Service Officer with many years of experience working on African affairs; Amos Anyimadu, University of Ghana; and Chris Johnson, University of Florida. It is advised by a board of scholars and is endorsed by the American Political Science Association and the African Political Science Association.



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