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(Found on Weitzenegger’s Newsletter/websites of the moment, June 2010).

Too often, governance assessments end up being stand-alone exercises with little practical results, influence on reform or impact on democratization. In addition, capacity deficits, a lack of political commitment, poor coordination, low stakeholder engagement, poor institutionalization, unsustainable resources and little ownership represent pitfalls of conducting country-led governance assessments … (Evaluate country preparedness).

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About: The Governance Assessment Portal aims to be a hub of information and a valuable entry-point on democratic governance assessments. It seeks to provide UNDP staff, national counterparts and the wider community of stakeholders with information on: 

  • tools for assessing governance
  • existing initiatives for measuring democratic governance at the national, regional and global level
  • how to measure governance with regard to specific areas of governance such as corruption or local governance
  • how to use global indicators more correctly
  • opportunities to connect and share knowledge with other practitioners and experts.

The Portal is funded and managed through the global window of the UNDP Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments. Country-led democratic governance assessments is a key element of the organization’s broader agenda on democratic governance: to foster inclusive participation, strengthen accountable and responsive governing institutions, and ground governance in international principles of human rights, gender equity and integrity. This approach to democratic governance and the role of assessment therein, is included in the approved UNDP strategic plan for 2008-2011.

Main features: … (full text).

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