FairTradeNet Association

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FairTradeNet is the only non-profit online service procurement organization that distinguishes committed, high quality freelance workers from those who ‘just want to get the job done’.

Our freelancers have been subjected to stringent tests of credibility, integrity, motivation and professionalism, to ensure that their clients receive a service that is fair and worth every cent.

Unlike other procurement organizations, FairTradeNet does not force providers to lower prices as this only induces freelancers to cut corners and deliver substandard jobs – a situation no quality-conscious client can accept.

Instead, we promote an ethic of fairness for clients and providers who are genuinely concerned about quality. We ensure that an outstanding job is offered at a fair price.

This approach protects both – customers who genuinely demand excellent service and our dedicated freelancers – from the price wars of our industry. We are the first truly global non-profit service procurement organization, facilitating and supervising this win-win situation and promoting Fair Trade across the Internet.

Our ethics extend beyond our work. For this reason, our FairNetTraders apply market-specific pricing to promote businesses or organizations in disadvantaged economies.

Mission statement:

1. Net Economy: We fully support the producers’ efforts toward economic independence and improvement of their social position. Inspired by their example, we have created a network of freelancers from all over the world, to promote freelance work and fair rates for the Net-Workers.

2. Freelancers: The Freelance FairNetTraders of FairTradeNet adhere to our principles of fair trade and apply the minimum rates set by the Association. They promise professionalism, high quality, timeliness and availability to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

3. Client FairNetTraders: The client FairNetTraders of FairTradeNet adhere to the principles of free and fair trade. They promise to apply the minimum rates set by the association and ensure therefore a decent income for freelance workers in the industrialized world as well as in the disadvantaged regions.

4. FairTradeNet Association: We are a Swiss non-profit association. Our FairNetTraders live and work in different countries, on different continents. We see ourselves as an alternative to commercial sites brokering freelance talent through a bidding system that allows no direct contact, no equal opportunities for all, and applies affiliation fees and commissions on work done that most freelancers are barely able to afford.

5. Together: We want to set an example to the wider general public, to businesses and to governments, of Fair Trade as a form of business which is based on mutual respect between service provider, trader and consumer, to develop a business proving that Fair Trade is successful.

The Team.

Code of Ethics.

Contact: FairTradeNet International Office, Maya Jurt, Pomone 6, La Chapelle, CH-1228 Geneva / Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 771 18 39, Fax: +41 22 771 42 89, mail.

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