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SchoolNet Namibia is a local hands-on ICT deployment, training and support organization, and the successful provision of innovative computer technologies and internet to over 300 schools since 2000 has led SchoolNet to become a lead organisation in national ICT policy-making in Namibia. SchoolNet Namibia is an exemplary role model for sustainable provision of ICTs across the education sector in Africa.

SchoolNet has pioneered the adoption of appropriate and affordable school computer technologies, the use of free and open source software solutions, creative commons licensed educational content, and (unique in Africa) significantly discounted flat-rate 24/7 (wireless) Internet service provision in partnership with local telecommunication agencies, and solar-powered school computer laboratories. The Namibian government recognises SchoolNet Namibia as a key player in the roll-out of ICTs in education and job creation, toward its National Development Plans for 2000-2010.

The National ICT policy for Education in Namibia has embraced a range of SchoolNet’s operational strategies to effect a total cost of ownership of ICTs in schools. While empowering youth with ICTs is easy, adult educators are resistant to ICTs; SchoolNet’s creative commons licenced multi-media educational comic ‘Hai Ti!’ has resulted in significant shifts in interest by educators to ICTs. (Updated: 2006_09_04).

The Team,


Kids on the Block Volunteer Program: SchoolNet Namibia’s Kids on the Block program has two streams: hardware and software.

Computer Literacy: The computer literacy training program consists of a ten week course in the basics of computer use, and is suitable for those interested in teaching, tutoring or sharing their skills with others.
It covers computer theory, hardware and vocabulary, as well the basics of using a personal computer: office suite applications, email and web browsers. Classes run daily, Monday to Friday, for one hour. It is taught by SchoolNet training Volunteer Selma Tjiveze. Four new sessions begin May 10th, 2005. Tuition is free. At the conclusion of the training program, trainees who have performed satisfactorily may be given the chance to work as a resident trainer in a school serviced by SchoolNet Namibia. Accomodation, meals and a small stipend will be provided for the length of the stay, which is typically no shorter than one semester.

Contact: SchoolNet Namibia, Katutura Community Arts Centre, Leonard Auala Street, P.O. Box 7102 Katutura,
tel: toll free 0800 00 57 93, and tel: +264 61 212 973, fax: +264 61 213 655, mail.

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