African Regional Youth Initiative ARYI

Formed in December 2003, the African Regional Youth Initiative ARYI works with over 400 youth and community-based organizations across Africa addressing development issues outlined in the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals- namely, poverty and hunger, HIV/AIDS and malaria, primary education, gender equity, child mortality, maternal health, and environmental sustainability. The work of ARYI is based on action plans developed by over twenty ARYI country and regional teams.

The organization not only empowers individuals and communities, but also nurtures the exchange of knowledge and capacity between entities through programmatic partnerships with regional organizations and networks. Direct community engagement and support mechanisms ensuring both sustainability and quality programming set ARYI’s work apart.

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ARYI was awarded the 2005 MTV Staying Alive Award for its innovative and community-approach to HIV/AIDS programming.

It’s founder, Ms. Neema Mgana of Tanzania, was also one of 1000 women jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

In an effort to expand globally its programs and philosophy, as well as address the last Millennium Development Goal of developing global partnerships for development, the ARYI team and supporters formed The Forum for Global Action FGA.

The FGA aims to foster innovative thinking on social, economic and political issues by (1) bringing voices of marginalized people into global debates about public policy, and (2) promoting alternative ways of consulting global civil society groups and movements. Overall, the Forum strives to improve the relationship between global civil society organizations and global institutions to discuss policy challenges and brainstorm new ways of thinking and acting on global issues. For more information about the FGA, visit us.

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