InWEnt – Capacity Building International, Germany

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InWEnt – Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung (Capacity Building International, Germany) gGmbH: This is synonymous with human resources and organisational development in international cooperation. Its education, exchange and dialogue programmes that offer places for about 55,000 individuals every year make InWEnt a very large-scale joint undertaking of the German Federal Government, the federal state (Länder) governments and industry. The courses offered by InWEnt address specialists, executives and decision-makers in industry, politics, administration and civil society. InWEnt works with partners in developing countries, transition states and industrialised nations.

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InWEnt and the Business Sector;
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Programs from Germany: We offer young people the chance to gain professional experience worldwide, either during their training or thereafter. This is a unique opportunity for them to get hands-on experience of foreign cultures and of the working world in other countries. Our exchange and scholarship programmes serve to improve the foreign-language and intercultural skills of young people, to expand their technical know-how, and to help them develop their own personalities. They address primarily young Germans, but can, under certain circumstances, be open to citizens of other EU countries and young people who have their first place of residence in Germany. Students and junior employees from Germany and the European Union, who would like to go abroad within the framework of development cooperation, will find a wide range of options in our ASA Program.
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