Sri Lanka: Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies CHA

  • CHA was founded in April 1997 to serve a membership and has since become a national service provider in the non-profit sector. It is representative of the resources and work of the humanitarian sector in Sri Lanka. (Main Page).
  • Vision: CHA believes in the respect of diversity and the promotion and achievement of fundamental rights and freedom, which provides equal opportunities for development for all Sri Lankans.
  • Mission: CHA works in the non-profit humanitarian sector to: … (full text Vision/Mission).

Networking; Non Profit Service; Information; Advocacy; Professional; Management;
Address: Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies GTE Limited, 86, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka;
Contact: Tel/Fax: +94-11-4610943/4, e-mail.

About CHA: The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) is an association of agencies working in, and supporting work in, Sri Lanka.

During the past ten years, CHA has been functioning as a network of humanitarian agencies and has developed a fully-fledged Secretariat with its own specific capabilities. Its comparative advantages include:

  • Being a network and, therefore, having an excellent tool to disseminate information;
  • Weight in discussions and lobbying through a large membership;
  • Maintaining links bottom up, centre to field, and right to left;
  • Convenient access to information on needs (provided that all members are ready to share information), Government policies, Organisations, and international agencies;
  • Having access to specific know-how (internal and external).

CHA focuses on two main roles to make use of these comparative advantages:

  • Functioning as a network with like-minded organisations; and
  • Implementing projects on behalf of, and with, its members.

As a network, CHA undertakes tasks such as, membership ethics, coordination and linking, advocacy and lobbying, and acts as an Information Centre on behalf of its members. Through project implementation on behalf of, and with, its members, CHA has developed a niche in areas including:

  • Developing and disseminating standards, guidelines, principles, and working methodologies and approaches for the humanitarian sector (including translations);
  • Gathering information on humanitarian activities of national and/or international agencies; and
  • Providing advisory services to organisations, diplomatic, and international missions and agencies, and others.

… (full text).

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