The Coalition for Peace in Africa COPA

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Linked with Tecla Wanjala – Kenja, with the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, and with the PEACENET-Trust KENYA.

COPA was formed as a membership organisation in 1995/96 when a group of concerned Africans met in Nairobi, Kenya, to exchange their insights and experiences on a critical issue facing Africans: escalation of violent conflict in the continent. They recognized conflict as a major contributor to Africa’s deplorable state of poverty and underdevelopment, for it is extremely difficult to carry out meaningful development under situations of violent conflict and socio-political instability. See also:

The practitioners that came together in Nairobi found that there were no appropriate support networks for them to access and work together as peace practitioners.

They were convinced that they needed to offer continual practical support to people and organizations on the ground, that are faced with volatile and potentially violent conflict situations, in efforts to build their capacity and for them to become a resource to each other.

Initial membership of the network came from different parts of Africa, mainly being “alumni” of Responding to Conflict (RTC) Working with Conflict Course that is offered in Birmingham, England. Later on membership expanded to include other individuals and organizations in Africa. The secretariat was initially set up in Johannesburg, South Africa, later moving to Nairobi, Kenya in 2001.

COPA MEMBERSHIP: COPA membership is open to any individual or organization that wishes to seek support or offer to other like-minded individuals and organizations in Africa. Membership fees are US$ 50 and US $20 paid once for organizations and individuals respectively. Annual subscription of $50 and $10 for organizations and individuals respectively. COPA membership is growing steadily and many members join as a result of participating in COPA activities.

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