Civil Society Network on Information Sharing CSNIS

The Civil Society Network on Information Sharing was set up towards sharing publications and dissemination of current, accurate and relevant information to its members and users. We aim to strengthen an effective and sustainable network through the CSNIS web site and regular meetings of members … (about 1/2).

Members; Calendar; Feedback; Newsletter; Links;
Address: c/o Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, No. 86, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka;

About 2/2 … /VISION: To be the leader in sharing current and accurate information on relevant issues towards empowering civil society.


To collaborate in sharing information resources towards delivering more effective services to policy and decision makers, students, research and the general public.


To establish a strong and sustainable network(s) towards:

  • Facilitating accessibility to current, accurate and relevant data/information (printed and electronic) in Sinhala, Tamil and English in a timely manner despite geographical boundaries;
  • Coordinating information management to avoid duplication of efforts within the networks;
  • Bridging the gap on sharing information among stakeholders including the State;
  • Cooperating in increasing knowledge-related skills among member organisations; and
  • Incorporating modern ICT to achieve objectives


First Phase, the centralised (Focal) administration operates from the Colombo Knowledge Centre at CHA with the participation of twenty (nodal) points. CEPA SC NPC SSA CHA BFCS.

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