The Springdales Education Society

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Springdales is owned and run by the Springdales Education Society, a Charitable and Educational Trust registered in May 1956. It is the legal entity for the school and is responsible for its financial stability and the building of its assets as well as its ethos and philosophy. Its present Chairperson is the founder Principal of the school, Mrs Rajni Kumar, who is ably assisted by the Honorary Secretary Mrs P Loomba, and the members of the Governing body. (full text).

Current Status: The school is today a member of the National Progressive Schools’ Conference and is considered one of Delhi’s leading schools. The principal of the Dhaula Kuan branch is Dr. Jypti Bose and the principal of the Pusa Road branch is Mrs. Ameeta Mulla Wattal. The Pusa Road branch is the oldest and largest of the three branches, while the Kirti Nagar branch provides education only up till the fifth standard. Children from the Kirti Nagar branch move to the Pusa Road branch on entering sixth standard. (full text).
Vision of Education: At Springdales, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience, helping each child to develop those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make him/her a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being, socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and belief in the concept of international brotherhood and peace, a person ready to work as an agency of change for building a more socially just and equitable society. (full text).

Value Education: Value Education does not form a separate dimension of the curriculum but is integrally interwoven into the entire fabric of the curriculum. Stress is always laid on developing a self disciplined approach to life and work; to have a discriminating mind, the courage to tread new paths, and to follow the dictates of one’s own conscience even if it means being different. Besides English, which is the medium of education, a variety of languages are taught, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Spanish, French and Russian.(full text).

Admission: With 5500 to 6000 applications for admission to the first entry class to Springdales, that is, the pre-school Nursery class, it is extremely difficult to select the children for the 300 seats. Do we have an admission test? Do we interview the children? Certainly not. Nothing can be more damaging to the personality and self esteem of a little child than to face an interview at the age of three years and be rejected. Springdales abolished all testing and interviewing of pre-school children a long time ago. Selection Policy: The greatest importance is attached to parents and family. If the school is to educate the child in the best manner possible, it needs the support and cooperation of the parents so that the two educating agencies work hand in hand and the child does not suffer from any basic conflict in the norms and values sought to be inculcated. The school looks for those parents who believe in its philosophy and the education it seeks to impart and will support the child in his/her endeavours, whether academic or co-curricular. (full text).

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