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National Bal Bhavan is a Children’s paradise – a place where children irrespective of their caste, creed, status and sex, can choose activities of their liking as per their age, and thereby enhance their creative potential. National Bal Bhavan is committed to children belonging to lower strata of Society and children of special needs.

The Bal Bhavan Philosophy;
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Contact. Telephone No.: 91-11-23235422, Fax: 91-11-23231158

National Training Resource Centre NTRC: … The National Training Resource Centre (NTRC) of National Bal Bhavan is a resource centre for imparting training to adults, teachers, teacher trainees and child educators both from the formal and non-formal systems of education … (full text).

… Bal Bhavan pays special attention to children of deprived section. … (full text).

About: The National Bal Bhavan from its humble beginning in a tin shed at Turkman Gate in 1956, has progressed by leaps and bounds to attain the status of an Institution which has contributed significantly to supplement and complement the formal system of education through its multi-dimensional activities at the Head Quarters.

The Bal Bhavan Movement has over the years gained momentum and there now are 52 Bal Bhavan Kendras located in far flung areas of Delhi. These Kendras cater to the slum children, from remand Homes, resettlement colonies and MCD/NDMC Schools. Just a look at the list of 52 Bal Kendras will give an idea that the majority of Bal Kendras are located in resettlement colonies and their target groups are the children belonging to lower and weaker sections of the society. In addition we have a rural Jawahar Bal Bhawan at Mandi which is being developed as a prototype rural Bal Bhawan aiming to Develop the creative talents of the surrounding rural population.

The Bal Bhavan Movement is not limited to the Center but also stretches out across the length and breadth of the country. 73 Bal Bhavans as well as 11 Bal Bhawan Kendras of Allahahad (Uttar Pradesh), Manipur, Jammu & Silvasa are now affiliated to National Bal Bhawan and there is a close interaction for better communication of ideas and integrated Programme.

Bal Bhavan also affiliates schools and organisations who work for children and provide its activities to affiliate organisations.

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